Frequently Asked Questions


Why can Lansdowne Telecom sell services procured from BT Wholesale?
De-regulation of the telecom industry has given the customer the ability to choose their telecommunications provider. Lansdowne Telecom provides products procured from BT Wholesale. This enables us to provision new lines and services to our business customers. Also, we are able to transfer and bill your existing BT lines, at lower prices. The combination of lines and calls enables us to provide a single bill solution.
Will call quality/service change?
Working in co-operation with BT, using the highest quality digital networks, there is NO reduction in call or line quality with either voice OR data - The only change is the name on the bill and lower charges.
I have another company's Saver Socket / Dialler Box. Will this affect your service?
Yes, if you have another company's saver socket please unplug this and plug your phone directly into the socket. We would also recommend contacting the provider of your saver socket to cancel your account with them.
You will no longer receive two separate bills, one from BT for line rental and a second from your dialler box provider for your calls. In addition, our service will not require pre-dialling or equipment installation.
If I choose to transfer my lines to Lansdowne Telecom can I keep my telephone number?
Yes. Your lines stay as they are now but Lansdowne Telecom manages your account and bills you instead of BT Retail. You will need no boxes, no equipment or prefix codes to use our services. Simply dial..
Will my line rental change?
Lansdowne Telecom's line rentals are 15% less than BT Retail. However, unlike BT Retail, we only bill for the month you are in for line rentals whereas BT Retail bill quarterly in advance.

Switching Over from BT

Is switching over simple?
Moving is easy, fast and risk free. It is all done and monitored by us and completed within 21 days. This means:
  • No disruption to service
  • Minimal paperwork and hassle to you
  • No telephone number change
  • No equipment, plastic boxes, programming or prefix dialling required
What part of my phone service will change if I switch to Lansdowne Telecom?
Nothing changes including your...
  • BT phone line and number
  • Phone book/Directory enquiry entries
  • Network services
  • Operator services
  • Faults and line maintenance service
...except you will be billed by Lansdowne Telecom at significantly lower rates
When will the switchover be effective?
It should take approximately 20 days from the transfer request.
Will an engineer visit our premises?
No, nothing changes on your line. Any changes are made electronically at your local BT exchange.
Are there any connection or disconnection fees?
There is a one off 25 connection fee. The connection fee is charged per customer, not per line.
What happens to my Internet calls?
If you pay a fixed monthly fee for a flat rate Internet package you will continue to pay, as before, to your Internet service provider. If you pay per second for calls to the Internet (on a 0845 number), then these will appear on your Lansdowne Telecom bill.
What happens if there is a fault or problem with my phone line?
Your phone line will remain on the BT network. BT will continue to repair and maintain it. In the unlikely event that a fault occurs on the BT network and your phone line is affected simply call us on 0845 241 1188. Lansdowne Telecom will liase, as necessary, to get the problem fixed and follow up for you. No more hassle and time wasted chasing BT engineers.

Select Services

What are Select Services?
Select services are the various additional features you get from BT on your current line. These are services such as Call Waiting, Ring Back, Call Minder 1571, and Call Diversion etc that Lansdowne Telecom also offer but at a 43% discount.


What is on my first bill?
  • Pro-rated line rental for the current month
  • One months line rental (paid monthly in advance)
  • Select Services (if appropriate)
  • Call charges
  • Connection Charge of 25 (one-time charge to transfer your line)
What is on my monthly bills?
Customers receive only ONE monthly itemised bill incorporating their BT line rentals, select services (e.g.; call waiting, call diversion) and all call charges for local, national and international calls.
How often will I get bills from Lansdowne Telecom?
Lansdowne Telecom bills are sent out monthly with the amount owed collected from your account by direct debit 14 days after the date of billing. Your line rental charges are billed monthly in advance and your calls are billed monthly in arrears.
Do I have to pay by Direct Debit?
We offer Direct Debit as the only payment option in order to transfer discounts to our clients as it removes the high administration costs of running a Credit Department. Direct Debit is safe and fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
How are calls billed?
Lansdowne Telecom has a 4.2p (Exc VAT) minimum call charge, the same as BT.


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