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Lansdowne Telecom has a range of products for the business user. All products will reduce your operating costs when compared to your current spend with BT Retail.

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Business Sense Plan
With Lansdowne Telecom's Business Sense Plan, we offer a 15% discount on your line rental together with significantly reduced call charges to both landlines and mobile phones...More Information
International Calls
Calls to the USA and popular European destinations from 4p per minute. Calls to the Far East are charged from only 7p per minute.
Select Services
Lansdowne Telecom offers a range of additional features to enhance your business communication...More Information
Enhanced Care
For those businesses that require more than Mon-Fri working hours cover, Lansdowne Telecom offers two additional levels of maintenance cover providing for Saturday cover or 365 days per year cover.

Business Sense Plan

Moving to Lansdowne Telecom guarantees significant savings compared to your existing BT relationship.

Lansdowne Telecom Prices compared to BT:

Call rates below are per minute exclusive of VAT.

  BT Standard Lansdowne Telecom Saving %
Line Rental 13.72 12.09 15%
Local 3.36p 1.9p 43%
National 6.73p 2p 70%
Orange 12p 10.4p 13%
Vodafone 13.9p 12.4p 11%
O2 11p 9.1p 17%
T-Mobile 13.2p 11.5p 13%

All BT Business Plan prices come with minimum spend commitments.
Lansdowne Telecom's standard prices relate to any spend, regardless.

  BT Business Plan
250 Annual Commitment
Lansdowne Telecom
No Spend Commitment
Lansdowne Telecom
2 Minute Call Cost
Saving %
Line Rental 13.72 12.09 - 15%
Local 3.1p 1.9p 3.8p 54%
National 3.1p 2p 4p 51%
Mobile 10p From 9.1p 18.2p Up to 32%

All BT Business Plan call rates are subject to an additional call set-up charge i.e. 7p for mobile calls, 3p for international calls and 2p for local and national UK calls.

Click here for fully comprehensive Business Sense Tariffs.

Source: www.bt.com. Prices correct at time of going to press, May 2005.


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