Why Move to Lansdowne Telecom?

A significantly competitive pricing structure as well as:

Seamless automatic transfer process
No engineer visits required or customer communication with BT. All that changes is the name on your bill.
Single itemised bill
For ALL telecommunications products supplied by Lansdowne Telecom - avoid the frustrations of dual-billing for lines and calls as with low cost call providers.
Per-second billing
Ensuring fair and accurate pricing of your calls. You only pay for the time you use.
Internet billing
If required. Paper bills are no longer the only option.
One easy monthly payment by Direct Debit
Protected by the safeguards of the banks, you have complete peace of mind regarding the accuracy of your payment. If an error is made you will receive a full and immediate refund to your account.
Full range of Select Services
That you have been used to in your previous service with BT.


Lansdowne Telecom
3 Bowood Close
Derry Hill
SN11 9QZ
Tel: 0845 241 1166