Lansdowne Telecom is an independent Telecommunications Service Provider supplying a competitive range of telecoms services to businesses throughout the UK. Lansdowne Telecom has a wealth of experience within the telecommunications industry gained from 25 years of individual contribution.

Due to recent deregulation, Lansdowne Telecom can offer an alternative phone service to BT at considerably lower cost. With our focus towards the small business owner, we offer rates that the larger corporates have enjoyed for years while the small business has been unable to find a better deal.

Transfer to our service is completely seamless with no service interruptions or reductions in line or call quality.

Lansdowne Telecom strictly adheres to the codes of practice stipulated by Ofcom, the UK's telecoms regulatory body.

We look forward to serving your business in the near future.

Dave Emsley
Managing Director


Lansdowne Telecom
3 Bowood Close
Derry Hill
SN11 9QZ
Tel: 0845 241 1166

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